Monday, October 29, 2007

Truth and Harry Potter...

This is my response to an email sent to me about Harry Potter...


3 ironies: first, that, in light of the email that preceded this one, I wasn't asked to be on this mailing list. But here I am, none the less, and therefore I thank you in advance for your time and patience as I offer a few words in this general direction... Second, I happen to have just taken a class at Northland with Omar as the teacher, and so I can say I know him now, and have seen first hand a little of his line of thought, general wisdom, and his love and knowledge of the Lord. And third, just today in Home Church, we briefly hit on what I want to say now concerning God's Truth. Interesting timing. :)

And here's the jewel! I totally agree with everything BOTH of you are saying. Wow. Is it possible??

Ok. I personally think that HP goes to a place no Christian should be ok with. All of the stuff in the email below- Come on, I am the Queen of quoting those verses! I'll add some references here though for you to visit on your own: Gal. 5: 16-26, Gal. 6:7-8, Eph. 4:17-32, and Eph. 5:3-14. I'll quote from this last reference: "Obscene stories, foolish talk and coarse jokes- these are not for you!... Don't be fooled by those who try to excuse these sins, for the terrible anger of God comes upon all those who disobey Him... Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, rebuke and expose them..." I guess a good thing to remember though, is that we ALL disobey God every day. Who cares if we’re good about not letting some bad stuff in, there’ll be some other vice for each of us. We are all just totally in need of the Holy Spirit to guide and convict us daily.

Ok... All that said, I totally still see what Omar is trying to say, and don't want that to be lost on people either. I don't know if this totally follows his train of thought, but here's another 2 cents: Truth is truth, no matter where it's found. Truth IS absolute, not changeable. So if there is good to be found in something worldly, I don't think we should be afraid to acknowledge it! God is a God of complete truth, and He is the author of all truth. And we can embrace truth without embracing the world or the worldly thing it was wrapped up in. Make sense? Example: Mormons have really great family values. That's like something they're known for. Now their religion is totally nuts, and they think we're all going to have millions of alien babies when we go to Heaven. But GOD mandates care for our families- honoring father and mother, taking care of widows, orphans and our family members in need, etc. THAT is true. Muslims are very committed to modesty. Their religion is totally false, and they don't worship the One True God, but again- there is TRUTH present in that practice of theirs, and that is God's truth. I'm not at all saying accept the religion, I'm only saying it's OK to acknowledge the truth because ultimately it's all God's anyway! God's truth isn't hindered by the world, sin, our backs turned to Him, etc. God's truth is everywhere! So, if Harry Potter fights against evil, demonstrates sacrificial love and redemption, those are all true things. I'm not saying read the books AT ALL. I'm just saying "ok, it's nice to know about the truth that all the pagans reading them will find".

Now, swinging from the same vine, I do not believe truth should be wrapped in lies. To me, that drains the potency of the original truth to be found in the untrue source. (a childish example of this is "the boy who cried wolf", where he might have been telling the truth, but it was disguised in the lies he'd told so often before) Therefore, overall, I can't say I think it's good to read these books in question. Have I read the books? No, just part of the first one a really long time ago. Did I think it was horribly wicked? Hard to say. Bottom line: I don't think we, as Children of the Light, should take part in things that glorify real evil. So that includes fun little kid stories about witches and spells, etc. Will any future child of mine read stuff like this? Not a chance. Any "good message" or "great literature" that can be found in them is lost to me among the other stuff.

Thank you so much for your opinions! Have a wonderful week.

Emily Parbhoo
"What can we bring the LORD? What kind of offering should we give Him?... O people, the LORD has told you what is good, and this is what He requires of you: do what is right, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God." -- Micah 6:6-8

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From: Ralph


I understand that you're trying to peacefully spread your opinions to
others, but you have no idea what you're opening up. I disagree with you.
Based on your logic, anything goes! I mean heck, if you can extract "good"
from any Hollywood movie, then they're all okay to see! Right? Wrong Omar.
Your message stated nothing about "fleeing from evil", "avoiding perverse
talk", "avoiding sorcery and mediums of witchcraft", standing against what
God calls an "abomination", and just general common sense. Not to mention
the Potter movies are packed full of languages and tongues that we know
nothing about! Did you bother studying what reference books the author uses
for all of those magic words and spells? I'm willing to bet you didn't.

This is how Satan works Omar, he mixes in lies with the truth. Harry Potter
tries to teach kids that there are other kinds of "good" apart from
Christ/God. Overall, the characters conquer evil through FICTIONAL practice.
Not truth. Not through Christ.

Omar, I'm not trying to slam you here, but before you send out messages, you
should consider studying up a little further and inviting the Spirit in more
in your so called "gray areas". Otherwise your messages are just haphazard.

In love and rebuke,

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From: Omar Gonzalez
Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2007 1:22 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: RE: "Bella" is opening in Theatres this weekend.

I likewise would encourage all to attend Bella, but
would remind you not to be so quick to dismiss Potter.
This certainly is a grey area where Christians have
room to disagree, and for those Potter fans who don't
feel the need to avoid the next series, don't feel
like you have to, you do not. There isn't any mandate
in scripture that would prohibit viewing. The series
borrows great literary and mythical elements from many
classics in western literature, including Greek and
Roman mythology. The message is ultimately positive
with even a redemptive message in the self-sacrifice
of Potter, the victory of love and good over evil, the
master of death. The series has many biblical
reference in it as well. These are the themes that
make for great literature, including the danger of
prejudice and intolerance towards those that are
differen than us (mug-bloods). Like Star Wars,
Indiana Jones series, and Matrix, Potter is
syncrenistic (mixes different ideology) but this
should not discourage viewing. It certainly doesn't
fall into the same category as a Narnia or Lord of the
Rings, but scripture doesn't prohibit the reading of
fantasy literature. Now, if anyone is seriously
thinking about joining a coven and becoming a Wiccan,
than we have to talk.

Keep the faith! and always remember to respectfully
disagree in love!