Friday, June 29, 2007

NEW Prayer Requests (3 days away)

I leave in 3 more days... I can't believe this.

Please pray for me. Satan always ALWAYS attacks me- either right before, or right after one of these trips... (sometimes both) And now is no exception to that.

The biggest thing I am in need of is prayer for heart discipline. Also that I would be open and willing to learning some really hard lessons I believe God's trying to teach me right now. I want sooooo badly to be within God's will concerning this one thing... I pray for deliverance if this situation isn't God's will, and He opens doors instead of closing them. I pray for reduction of self, and instead a whole lot of pride comes out. I pray for GOD'S will to be my will, and I see all of this playing out, and it's just disheartening...

Please pray about trip finances- as of today, I believe there is still $1600 left to raise.

Please praise God with me for His provision of the job that I have- at my school- because my coworkers and some of the kids' parents really overblessed me today. It was so amazing!

I feel like I'm "floating" right now... I don't know what God wants me to do... I'm wishing one situation would be over and done with in one breath, and praying for help and healing in the next.

So please remember me.

And I will remember you. I would LOVE to pray with and for you- for any need that you might have. Please share with me at your discretion. I will still have email access on this trip, and can be reached at

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Prayer Requests

Well, it's crunch time- less than 3 weeks before the Exit, and I'm getting VERY excited! How crazy-blessed am I to get to go AGAIN!?

I do have some prayer requests- some a little sillier than others, but all still are prayer needs.

1. For the team that's going as we travel- it's a pretty large group- I believe 29 total. Please pray for our patience in airports, and for bonding and fellowship in the first few days we're together.

2. For ministry opportunities with these students- I'm going primarily for them- so, please pray that I will be alert to whatever needs they have that may arise.

3. For a roommate for me back home- I would really appreciate one- haven't had one in almost a full year now...

4. (here's a silly one) Like on the last trip, I really want to go on Side Trip if possible! But I'm being more specific this time- I want to go to MADANG on Side Trip! I've been back to PNG twice since 2004, and have not been able to return to Madang... But it's highly likely that one of the side trips will be to there. I have a feeling that this will either be my last trip to PNG, OR it will be a while before I return... and I just want to go back to the first place I visited.

5. For trip finances- as of today, I have about 50% raised, and still need $2200. I'm not at all worried though, because God's definitely proven to be my Great Provider in the past, and praise Him- I think I know better now!

6. For travel plans when I return home in July- my tickets for U.S. travel are close to $1000. Also, I may have to go immediately into a stressful family setting the day after I return, and I really just don't want to... So for God's will to be played out in this.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS!! Please tell me how I can best pray for you as well. It would be such an honor!