Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Po Po non-emergency, how can I help you?"

Did I ever tell you the story about the time my exboyfriend had to call the police to come over to my house because I was convinced people were breaking in? Well that's not tonight's story. But I did call the cops.

I had a roommate for January and 1/2 of February. She was the sister of a good friend, and I had a feeling it'd end similar to how it did, but I said she could stay with me anyway. Long story short, it became crystal clear one day that I couldn't allow her to live here anymore. I gave her a week's notice to get out, and thankfully, she was out in less than that. She left behind a few things and didn't pay rent, but didn't destroy anything either, so I was relieved. I felt so unsafe though- I actually had the locks changed.

So today, she started calling me, saying she was passing through town, and wanted to come over and get her suitcase. I wasn't home until later this evening, and told her that'd be the case. I figured she'd just move on. I was scared though, that she'd come over anyway with the guy she'd moved out with- or someone else for that matter. So I put the Po Po non-emergency number on speed dial, and went to bed.

Sure enough, she knocked on my door around 10:15 pm. The nice lady at the station sent over 2 nice officers, and though she left, they stayed. They told me to call her and tell her to come back for the stuff. I texted her, and she was back in a few minutes. She looked a little stunned, and she almost hit my car! But she got her stuff, and told the cops "no sir" when they asked if she thought she'd be back for anything. She said she was on her way to Pensacola to stay with her family. I am seriously glad that is the case. I hope everything works out well for her...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Negligence and the Island

I’ve been meaning to write more on here recently, but I always seem to find other things that take my time! A TON of ideas have passed thru my mind, and it’d have been good to take advantage of them when the opportunity arose. Oh well… Now you’re stuck reading the mediocre leftovers from my scattered mind.

GETTING REALLY CONFUSING!!! I can’t even say I liked the last episode at all. I was watching with Annie and Brian, and at first we were all making the usual commentary during the show. But then I’m pretty sure the sight of Sawyer with Juliet made us all so sick, we were just quiet the rest of the time. The writers are rushing to finish the story in 1 ½ seasons, and there’s just too much to cover. We get these mega doses of story revelation, and my brain just can’t handle it.

Here are some of my questions:
• Ok, NOW we have Losties mixed in with Dharma people… Are they there when young Ben comes to the island?
• Who are the hostiles a.k.a. Ben’s people? And why is it ok for them to shoot innocent Dharmas, but the Dharmas can’t protect themselves??
• Who the HELL is Richard Alpert? Where did he come from? Is HE really the “man behind the curtain"? Why’s he forever young?
• Who’s the good guy- Ben or Widmore?
• Did Ben kill Penny, and that’s why he was all bloody?
• Did Kate really kill Aaron like I think she did? I REALLY don’t think it’s as simple as she gave him to Claire’s mom.
• Is Kate now pregnant with Jack’s baby- hence taking Claire’s place in the re-enactment of the original flight?
• What ever happened to the whole “everyone’s connected” thing? Is that just not important any more?
• Ok, so they’re now stranded on the island in the 70’s?? What about all the NEW Losties that survived??
• What about the OTHER Losties that got left behind??
• Was Sun with them all in the Dharma van at the end last week? I don’t remember…
• What ever happened to Claire?? She see’s good old dad, and just LEAVES Aaron??
• What about Christian?? We have NO IDEA how he REALLY fits into this whole mess. All we know is he did a John Locke (or is it John pulled a Christian?) by being dead on the plane, and returning to life when on the island. I am totally convinced that Christian is actually alive on the island.
• When are we gonna find out about the Black Rock?
• What the HELL is that crazy smoke monster thing??

I have about 2342 more questions, but I’ll stick with 15 for now… If you have any theories to answer my questions, leave a comment!!

23% or 1.5%... One of the two...

Today kicked off training for the North Face 1/2 marathon I'm doing in June. I ran my first 3 miles- which is 23% of the distance I'll be going on June 6th, OR 1.5% of the total 191 miles I'll be running between now and the finish line.

It's been about 2 months since last my feet moved at such a pace, but it really felt good to be outside and running again! No cramping, and I only stopped to walk (fast) for about 2 minutes. I am REALLY looking forward to getting back into shape after my nice lazy 4 month sabbatical. I'm planning on using "Hal Higdon's" 1/2 marathon novice runner training schedule to prepare. This will translate into running 3-4 times a week, and getting into the gym 3-4 times a week as well. Can you even believe this is coming from me??

I'm even gonna *somewhat* try to eat healthier. Whenever I work out regularly, my appetite is just insatiable! So I've gotten a bunch of healthy things I know I like to munch on constantly.

I am really REALLY excited about all of this! I've been half-heartedly hoping for something to just fall into my lap that could serve as a goal. I always operate best when I have something tangible to look forward to. And this is IT for the next 12 weeks!